Thursday, January 14, 2010

I need some help

I know this is unusual but honestly I have exhausted all options that I can come up with and I hate to do this because I am not trying to run a guilt trip on any one.
Here is the story, Thanksgiving day my hubby was furloughed from his job that means he should have been called back to work within 30 days. It's now mid January and not only has he not been called back but due to 3 months of no work we are essentially on the edge of losing our house because we are $100 short on rent. Our phone has already been turned off which isn't bad for normal people but that's how he gets the info for a job. Our internet is about to be shut off and we have no food. Getting assistance isn't an option because he makes too much in Unemployment which isn't enough to pay our normal bills, we don't spend money recklessly this isn't about not being careful with money it's about just simply crappy economy and things not getting any better.

What I was hoping was that if you can and would like to, please buy my tube membership or just a scrap kit or something. Any purchase can help us at the very least buy some groceries. I really hate to ask and I honestly didn't want to have to but the rent is due tomorrow and our insurance and all is due as well, and to add nsult to injury with the bad weather our pipes have been frozen for nearly a week.
I know things are hard for everyone right now and like I said I hate to do this this way but this isn't a joke and it's not fake, if you could pass along the info at the very least I would be extremely grateful.
you can find my items at under DE by Angelique or DE by Angelique Tubes

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lil Cupid

This is a cute Valentine's tag made with one of Angelique's cute lil cupid tubes.They were just released & so adorable. They are located here.

Here is the tube set:

Here's my tag:

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Penguin Christmas Extras:)

I just made these cute extras with Angelique's cute Frosty the Penguin tubes:)Her tubes are located here.I used a tut from Wini's PSP Lessons located here.The extras are located here.

Happy Holidays to everyone:)

The extras are like my tag below:

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Poinsettia Extras:)

I just made these cute extras with Angelique's cute lil Poinsettia tubes:)Her tubes are located here: .I also used her"Joy Of Christmas"kit as well. I also used my friend Kathy's tut to make the tag.(Hope it's ok to share the tut link).Her tut is located here:

Here is the link to the tags.

The extras look like my tag:)

Please let me know if there's any trouble with these links:) Happy Holidays to everyone:)